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I owe you all an apology.. I haven’t been overly sociable this week and that’s not really like me. There’s been some rather tragic events in my city of late and they’ve touched many of us on a very deep and personal level. I’m quite drained, to be honest and certainly going through some level of shock. If I can sleep tonight, I’ll be rocking the fabrics for you bright and early, if not then don’t be surprised if you see me logged at a really weird hour. Hit me up inworld, you can come over and watch me try on the latest pretties ;-)

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  1. sl-emmarose said: Hope you’re feeling better soon. *hugs *
  2. xantheanneslife said: *hugs* Shae you’re awesome. You deserve a little time to yourself every once in a while. We’ll always wait patiently (and eagerly) for new posts from you <3
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