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(via Beyonce Avatar Group Gift by Cazador | Teleport Hub - Second Life Freebies)

She’s really beautiful and she’s got piles of skin options and layers in the pack. You should go see her, truly!

Yeah.. pretty sure that is a copybotted copy of Meghindo’s Beyonce Skin.

Is it, really? I had no idea, I think that’s even the name in the box.. I’m gonna reblog this to warn people. I’m terribly sorry, I truly wasn’t familiar with the creator, please accept my apologies if this is a botted item.. In any case - it’s awful that someone would steal it like that but it really is a great work, Meghindo must be amazing!

~EDIT: I shared this earlier today because it came up in my RSS reader on the Telehub feed, I had no idea at the time that it was a botted skin as I was not familiar with the original creator. Please accept my apologies and do not go near this skin.. If anyone knows how to contact Meghindo, please do, and report this item as an IP violation.

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