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a fantastical photoshoot! I’m getting ready to revamp Shaedynlee.Com and possibly even acquire a pro-theme (pro meaning I guess one of my own handmade themes because I’m conceited like that and I used to code some super hot themes on an almost pro level, lol - ignore my arrogance, I’m cheap).

Now I need the most fantastically hot pic in all of ever for the header.. I’m thinking tattooed, pierced, biker-chic because that’s probably closest to the face of Shae (and rl me, tbh) when not dolled up to model for sponsors..

In less than a month the dot com will be classified as old/solid enough to qualify for full syndication services.. Sooo… let’s get’er done! I’ve got my eye on a fabulously hot outfit from Mesh Head because seriously, if you’re into biker-chic - you need to check them out, they seem to carry the most realistic looking line I’ve ever seen for that particular style..

Did y’all notice that my tumblr theme is all fixed up too?

~Thank you athenability, I am in so much love with this clean and fantastic theme! She’s got some amazing stuff over there, if you’re looking for a change - I highly recommend her work!

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