My name is Shae and I like to make friends. I like coffee, bacon, cats, and cheesecake but not necessarily in that order or on the same plate. I'm not going to hit on you or steal your significant other, I do not want all your base, I will not lie to you about cake, I do not kick puppies, I only sparkle if I've been drinking, I have no Tardis, and I think the Borg were just deeply misunderstood.

This tumblr is a social satellite site for Shaedynlee.Com and as such may contain more and different content than the main website. This is a Second Life Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

~Please click through the post titles to the main site for links and appropriate landmarks. The autopost function of my sharing plugin does not import most links to tumblr. Contact me privately anytime at *this link* or just send me an 'ask' here.
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