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Renee \r(e)-nee\ as a girl’s name is pronounced ren-NAY.
Word Origin
: French, Latin
Meaning: reborn, born again

“Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take the action. Take the action and your feelings will change.” - Barbara Baron

I’ve been feeling very blah and stressed about my store lately. I always promised myself that when it no longer becomes fun is when I need to redirect my attention towards fostering positivity. I love to make skins and I’ve wanted to do something nice for the newer residents of Second Life for awhile. New residents under 30 days can grab this skin for free. If you are over 30 days old, you can purchase it for 150L (DEMOS available). Skin tones featured from top left to bottom right: Crystal, Peach, Hazel and Espresso. Comes with dark and light eyebrows. Shape provided.

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Party Like Lost Boys..

Party Like Lost Boys..

Because yes I do wear these shoes for campfire dancing, I’m super magical, what of it? But lookat them, wouldn’t you? Shh! I shall wear them in the bubbly bath too!
Snapshot_005How about this KOY hair? I die, I DIE! Yes, I’m not exaggerating either. I love the soft flow..

Snapshot_007Come dance by my fire, we’ll party like Lost Boys and sleep when the world ends..

Snapshot_003KOY – Lana at Hair Fair 2014, Rasch Creations - Nana’ (dr…

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A Little Box of Shae..

A Little Box of Shae..

I’m late, late, terribly late! It’s summer and things have been crazy busy and… Well I’m not in the mood for those things! Let’s move right along, shall we? I’ve got a gorgeous release from KOY here for you, just look at the waves in that hair! It has a completely shaved side so you can wear the hairbase that comes with it (I am) or you can wear it totally smooth, or you could play around and…

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Thank you for your trust and patronage.
In response to the high demand, we made a XL which has a shape corresponding to the mesh breasts.
We also added hairbases not only to MIZUKI but to TSUBASA.
We are sending the updates for purchaser. Hope you will like.
Please send “Niema Snook” a note card if the update has not reached.
We look forward to your continued business in the future.

I got a cutie new ‘do today, I’m almost out of my funk I think.. I feel like a person again if still a bit weak in the knees.. Anyhow, kick my butt and such. I’m blogging in the next 24 hours if it kills me, no maybes about it.

"…second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning."

“…second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”

mosaic09be9b323df77b2f93349dc4aa2d8b651d63c2dc1 Hundred. Jane Mini. Pink for Designer Circle, .::WoW Skins::. Noure Tan Nat for Designer Circle, Baubles! by Phe SummerBlossom DC 83rd Exclusive Box for Designer Circle, IOS  Angel Wings for Designer Circle, IOS Angel Halo for Designer Circle, IOS Blue Clouds with Poses (4 clouds, 7 poses each) for Designer Circle, IOS White Clouds with Poses (4 clouds, 7 poses each) for Designer Circle, Sugar…

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I’m taking this opportunity to show you my delightful phone friends (they’re eating in this snap, they swim around and you can touch them and startle them too, I love my pretty little koi) and also in here to tell you that the old saying “it don’t rain but it pours” is gospel truth. There’s been some crazy unbalanced stuff happening here in my meatspace so yeah, I just…. I’m working on it. Stay with me, I’m really giving it all I got and it isn’t easy but yeah, people survive shattered dreams all the time, right?

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